Landlord FAQs


  1. How much will it cost me to use your service?
    Absolutely nothing! We’re proud to provide you with an elite service with no hidden fees.

  3. How can you guarantee my rent?
    You never have to worry about a payment again, we personally oversee that the rent is in your bank account on the same day, each month. We mitigate all risk regarding our rental guarantee. Not only are we contractually obliged to pay you your rent on the same day we also have rental guarantors and/or rental guarantee insurance. Also, for added peace of mind all of our lovely tenants have guarantors too. So rest assured you’ll never have to chase a late payment again!

  5. What type of tenants will be living in my house?
    The only tenants we consider are London’s young professionals.

  7. How much control will I have over my property once I sign a contract with you?
    You still have complete control over your property without any of the hassle from tenants. You can conduct inspections of the property or never step foot into the house again! It’s completely up to you.

  9. Who will pay for the general maintenance?
    We do! All general maintenance and repairs under £50 we cover. So, no more pesky repair bills. However, if it’s anymore we’ll be happy to arrange and organize works on your behalf, although you will be invoiced for the costs.

  11. What if a resident damages the property?
    You don’t have to reach for your checkbook! We immediately cover the costs of the damage, and pursue the tenant for the costs.

  13. Am I on the correct mortgage product?
    You will have to check this with your mortgage provider. Make sure that you have “consent to let” and the finer details can be worked out further on in the process.

  15. Will my property be kept in good condition?
    Absolutely! Almost all of our Landlords have taken advantage of our free refurbishment which adds value to your property! Also we employ the regular services of a cleaner and gardener to ensure the standard is maintained.

  17. Do I need to do anything?
    The only thing you have to do is have a Gas Safe certificate, PAT testing and any relevant insurance products you may require.